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2006.08.15 Daily Security Reading

by on Aug.15, 2006, under Security

How Cisco secures its own networks
For a year John Stewart has been CSO at Cisco. He's in charge of a team of 60 information security professionals who play a role in IT architecture, policy, audit and incident response to protect an internal user base of about 48,000 employees worldwide.

Hackers beware – You are what you type
In an InfoWorld interview, computer forensics expert Dr. Neal Krawetz reveals how key taps and other clues can identify online bad guys.

Black Hat – No network is safe
If a skilled penetration specialist wants to get into your network, he can and will. Period.

Spike PHP Security Audit Tool
An open source tool to do static analysis of php code for security exploits.

Security Success Depends on Good Management
No matter what technical measures you introduce, people will do and say careless things under insecure conditions.

An 'Ethical Hacker' On Protecting Your Identity is running an article by Terry Cutler, a 'certified Ethical Hacker', who wants to get the word out on protecting their identities from a growing number of risks. The piece covers shopping online, keeping your personal information contained, and avenues of inquiry if your identity is stolen.

How to Crack a Website – XSS, Cookies, Sessions provides an insiders look at a real life XSS attack and how it was used to bypass the authentication scheme of an online web application, leading to "shell" access, an admin account, and more. XSS attacks are often discussed in theory — this walk through illustrates just how dangerous these types of attacks can be in reality.

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