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Long Exposures at Twilight and Dusk…

by on Mar.09, 2010, under Life, Photography

Time to try something a little different.

I setup my tripod at my bedroom window and took some shots facing approximately east away from the setting sun during sunset, twilight and dusk. All of these shots are untouched from the out of camera RAW images (no white balance correction, no tone or colour correction) – just the standard Nikon RAW profile then resized and sharpened – so the colours you see are as the camera captured them.

This first shot is at 7:24PM – there was still quite a bit of ambient light around as the sun had not yet set so even at an aperture of f/32 the shutter speed was still faster than one second.

0.6 sec at f/32, ISO 200, 250mm equiv

The second shot is at 7:27PM – still ambient light around but the sun is falling below the horizon now.

0.8 sec at f/32, ISO 200, 200mm equiv

The third shot is 7:42PM – the sun has well and truly set and now we have to use much longer shutter speeds to gather enough light.

13 sec at f/32, ISO 200, 300mm equiv

The fourth shot is at 7:55PM – we are out to 30 second shutter speeds now at f/16. To the naked eye the sky was basically dark but the faint rays from twilight are providing those deep purpley blue hues in the sky. I’m having to manually focus now as there isn’t enough light to auto focus. I believe this is my favourite shot of the bunch.

30 sec at f/16, ISO 200, 225mm equiv

The last shot is at 8:15PM and it’s well and truly black outside. There is no colour in the sky now just the lights from the city buildings. I had to go fully manual now – manual focus and full manual exposure.

30 sec at f/14, ISO 200, 300mm equiv

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  • Farmer Pickles

    The 30 second exposures look pretty sharp.
    What tripod were you using Rodney?

  • Rodney.Campbell

    I have a Manfrotto 190PRO tripod but I had to extend it to it’s fullest height to reach the middle of the window so it wasn’t super stable. I did use the 2 second self timer however (but not the mirror lockup) to attempt to reduce the vibration.

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