Sunrise Long Exposures…

Up early in the morning so it was another chance to setup my tripod at my bedroom window and take some shots facing approximately east towards morning twilight and sunrise. In my mind I felt there were probably way too many clouds in the sky however that’s nature and it’s way out of my control…

The other problem with lots of clouds and some breeze is that with the really long exposures the clouds move too much during the 30 second window which creates quite a bit of blur in the shots. This is why I’ve cropped the images to half height – basically the clouds above me in the sky especially in the wider angle shots have moved too much and it is just a blurry mess 🙂 It isn’t till the much shorter exposures (sub second to a few seconds) that we actually get shots with decent sharpness.

Most of these shots are untouched from the out of camera RAW images (no white balance correction, no tone or colour correction) – I added a touch of contrast and brightness to two of the shots – just the standard Nikon RAW profile then resized and sharpened – so the colours you see are as the camera captured them.

The first shot is at 6:12AM – to the naked eye it is basically pretty dark outside and thus the long exposure and wide aperture to gather some light.

30 sec at f/5, ISO 200, 72mm equiv

The second shot is 13 minutes later at 6:25AM – although this shot looks darker – it was taken at f/25 which is about 5 stops slower than the above image.

25 sec at f/25, ISO 200, 48mm equiv

6:38AM – starting to get some nice colours rimming the clouds.

6 sec at f/36, ISO 200, 255mm equiv


3 sec at f/36, ISO 200, 142mm equiv

6:59AM – a large cloudmass directly in front of the rising sun created this very nice “V” shaped shafts of orange light beaming up into the sky.

1/10 sec at f/36, ISO 200, 180mm equiv