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WWW (World Wide Web) - the "Glossy Brochure"

The World Wide Web

* What is WWW?

* What is WWW Really?

* What is Hypertext and Hypermedia?

* Distributed, Interactive and Dynamic?

* Platform Independant and Many Information Sources?

* How was WWW Created?

* Why use WWW?

* How does WWW Work - What is HTTP and HTML?

* How does WWW Work - What is a URL?

* Accessing the Web - Requirements?

* Accessing the Web - Client Software Packaging?

* Accessing the Web - Creating an Information Server?

* What can you do on the Web? - Examples.

* Problems and Futures of WWW?

* WWW References

Other References

Electronic Commerce on the Internet - WWW (World Wide Web) - the "Glossy Brochure"
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