Rodney Campbell

* Postal Address
  Rodney Campbell, Telstra Corporation Ltd, Network and Technology, Network Engineering - Locked Bag 6560, Sydney 2000, Australia.


* Telephone Facsimile
  +61 2 8576 6928 +61 2 9396 8527


* PGP Key
  My PGP Public Key is Available for download - the PGP Key Fingerprint is:
6C 3A 76 83 75 71 24 9D 38 08 52 05 A7 6C 66 76


* Weblog
  My online Blog is a new addition to my site with regular updates on Technology, Digital Photography, Xbox, Home Theatre, Security and more.


* Photo Album & Travel Diaries
  My online Photo Album is available for those of you who would like to take a look at a few snapshots from my life.


* Some of my Interests
  I have a DVD Links Page with links to all the best local and some international DVD related web sites around (including DVD news, reviews, hardware, PC-DVD, DVD-ROM, software, stores, coupons, bargains and more).
I am also keen on Digital Still Photography and Digital Video and I have a Digital Cameras - Still & miniDV Digital Video page with lots of useful tips, information and links on the subject.
Recently I have been creating Panoramic photos using a digital camera and special stitching software, please feel free to take a look.
My other Passion is Xbox and I'm an Administrator of a great Australian Website and Forums called : Australia's Premiere Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Community. Here we Aussies get together and meet with other like minded gamers with a focus to playing Xbox Online over their great Xbox Live service.


Rodney Campbell