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This is a 360 degree panoramic view of reef and reef platform taken from the top of the Quicksilver Wavepiercing Catamaran. The component shots were taken just after we'd arrived at the reef (12 noon). At the reef, I did an Introductory Scuba dive with Quicksilver Dive. I'd never been diving before and this was absolutely amazing - the colours of the coral weren't as spectacular as I'd expected (this apparently is because the red end of the colour spectrum can't penetrate far enough into the water) but the size and abundance of tropical fish was outstanding. There was an Instructor and an Underwater Video diver for each group of four intro divers and I bought the dive video (in MiniDV format) which was taken using a digital video camera. I can highly recommend the Quicksilver reef trip as well as the scuba dive. View: QTVR [250kb] | Java [59kb] | HiRes QTVR [708kb] | HiRes Java [454kb]

Rodney Campbell
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