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2006.10.16 Daily Security Reading

by on Oct.16, 2006, under Security

I’m back! It was an interesting (although very long) trip away – I’m still trying to catch up on all my outstanding emails and other reading…

The future of malware: Trojan horses

Widespread worms, viruses or Trojan horses spammed to millions of mailboxes are typically not a grave concern anymore, security experts said at the Virus Bulletin conference here Thursday. Instead, especially for organizations, targeted Trojan horses have become the nightmare scenario, they said.

ICSA Labs introduces Anti-Spam certification (pdf)

ICSA Labs has announced that it is now accepting anti-spam products for evaluation and certification testing. The goal of ICSA Labs’ anti-spam product testing and certification is to evaluate product effectiveness in detecting and removing spam, as well as how proficiently it recognizes messages from legitimate sources.

Top Malware Threats: Cached malicious code and Web 2.0 platforms

Finjan, the provider of proactive web security solutions for businesses and organizations, has announced its findings on the latest web security trends as uncovered by its Malicious Code Research Center.

Hacking Web 2.0 Applications with Firefox

Some of the methods, tools and tricks to dissect web 2.0 applications.

Here’s what one guy does for fun when a telemarketer calls

From The Bob & Tom Show Radio Program.

Security vs. usability – No one’s winning

Experts say wretched usability is scaring crypto newbies away.

Windows CE is extremely vulnerable, says Kaspersky

Internet security company, Kaspersky Lab, highlights the vulnerabilities of mobile operating systems in the second part of its ‘Mobile Malware Evolution’ report, out today.

Dangerous Terms: A User’s Guide to EULAs

We’ve all seen them – windows that pop up before you install a new piece of software, full of legalese. To complete the install, you have to scroll through 60 screens of dense text and then click an "I Agree" button. Sometimes you don’t even have to scroll through to click the button. Other times, there is no button because merely opening your new gadget means that you’ve "agreed" to the chunk of legalese.

One anti-virus engine is not enough, says GFI

GFI has issued a stark warning to businesses across Europe about the dangers of deploying a single anti-virus engine. GFI’s new white paper, ‘Why one virus engine is not enough, reveals that organizations relying on the protection of a single anti-virus engine are actually leaving themselves exposed to a severe and constant threat from all forms of malware.

The advantages of Distributed Vulnerability Scanning

Organizations with large networks can enhance their vulnerability scanning efforts by deploying multiple Nessus vulnerability scanners. This blog entry discusses the advantages of using multiple scanners for both Nessus users and Security Center operators.

Microsoft’s big patch day fixes 26 flaws

Microsoft released ten patches on Tuesday to plug 26 security holes in its Windows operating system and Office productivity suite, giving 15 of the vulnerabilities its most severe threat rating of "critical."

Prepare for Internet Explorer 7

After one of the most widely tested beta products in Microsoft’s history and trial downloads by millions of users, Internet Explorer 7 Version 1.0 is finally ready. The tentative release date is Oct. 18, followed by Windows Update and Automatic Updates availability on Nov. 2.

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