2006.08.08 Daily Security Reading

Serious BlackBerry Hack Threat Reported
Secure Computing warns that organizations that have installed their BlackBerry server behind their gateway security devices could be subject to a hacking attack when security researcher Jesse D'Aguanno is scheduled to release the code for his BlackBerry hack next week.

Defcon 14 Presentations
Archive of PDF's from Defcon 14.

Workers Ignore the Risks of Web Links and Attachments
A survey into the habits of 142 UK office workers conducted by Finjan has uncovered that although they know the security risk to their employers caused by clicking on web-links or opening attachments from unknown sources, they simply can't help themselves.

Microsoft fixes 23 flaws
Microsoft released a dozen fixes on its scheduled patch day, closing 10 critical security holes and another 13 noncritical flaws in the latest versions of the company's software.

Why Internet Security Continues to Fail
In his public farewell to the Internet security community three years ago this month, famed security researcher Rain Forest Puppy (RFP) opined that the Internet security community was allowing commercialism to trump common sense security thinking – a situation that he believed led to the growing Internet insecurity problem.

Why popular antivirus apps 'do not work'
Antivirus applications from Symantec, McAfee or Trend Micro — the three leading AV vendors in 2005 — are far less likely to detect new viruses and Trojans than the least popular brands.