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2006.09.06 Daily Security Reading

by on Sep.06, 2006, under Security

Identity Theft Techniques

There’s been a lot of talk about identity theft in recent days, and a lot of technology is being thrown at the problem. But with all the technology that’s out there, it’s still pretty easy for a good social engineer to steal an identity and exploit it swiftly, even if they only have a single piece of personal information.

Hilarious reply from HD Moore

to John Gruber’s Open Challenge to David Maynor and Jon Ellch over the reported Apple airport flaws.

Security Now

Steve Gibson and TechTV’s Leo Laporte’s weekly security column and audio podcast. They discuss important issues of personal computer security.

Microsoft Adds Anti-phishing Tools to IE 7  

Microsoft inked an agreement with whitelist specialist Digital Resolve to help its next-generation Internet Explorer 7 Web browsing software and Windows Live Toolbar application protect users against fraudulent Web sites.

SMS phishing attacks hit mobile users

McAfee has warned that malware writers are attempting to fool mobile phone users with bogus text messages.

Wi-Fi Fingerprints — the End of MAC Spoofing?

Wireless devices can be identified by variations in their radio signaling, known as their ‘transceiverprint,’ according to research reported in Techworld. The Canadian researcher, Jeyanthi Hall, related the prints to MAC addresses and got a positive ID for devices connecting to a Wi-Fi network, claiming 95% success with no false positives.


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