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2006.09.11 Daily Security Reading

by on Sep.11, 2006, under Security

I Spy; Doesn’t Everyone?

FLIP open your husband’s cellphone and scroll down the log of calls received. Glance over your teenager’s shoulder at his screenful of instant messages. Type in a girlfriend’s password and rifle through her e-mail.

Insider warns of storage industry security flaws

A former government security advisor now in the employ of Hitachi Data systems claims major storage players, including his own company, have fundamental problems with securing their systems.

Insecure Magazine: Issue 1.8 (pdf)

Off-Site Backup for Home Users

A few musings about off-site backup for home users and the usefulness of TrueCrypt – NB: TrueCrypt is great (and free – as in beer) stuff – I use it myself and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Money Bots: Hackers Cash In on Hijacked PCs

Researchers at the German Honeynet Project have discovered that a malicious hacker earned about $430 in a single day installing spyware on computers in the latest Windows worm attack. Within 24 hours, the IRC-controlled botnet hijacked more than 7,700 machines via the Windows Server Service vulnerability (MS06-040) and hosed the infected computers with the spyware from DollarRevenue. The botnet operator made between a penny and 30 cents for every piece of spyware installed. Add that to the spam rental and DDoS extortion money and we have a booming business.

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