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2006.09.12 Daily Security Reading

by on Sep.12, 2006, under Security

The World of Botnets (pdf)

With a Trojan horse on one compromised computer, you would be able to do whatever you wanted. That computer would be as good as your own. You would own it. Now imagine that you owned 100,000 such computers, scattered all over the world, each one running and being looked after in someone’s home, office, or school. Imagine that with just one command, you could tell all of these computers to do whatever you wanted.

When relationships end, so does security

When "Lucy" and "Ricky" exchanged wedding vows, they said nothing about email privacy. During their marriage, Lucy found it easy to guess Ricky’s email password. One day Lucy began to suspect that Ricky was being unfaithful to her, and reading his email confirmed her suspicion. She never told him that she was intercepting his email, and he never suspected that’s how she discovered his infidelity. Even after their divorce, she still keeps tabs on him by reading his email: he still doesn’t know.

Disclosure survey

Federico Biancuzzi surveys statements from some of the world’s largest software companies about vulnerability disclosure, interviews two security companies who pay for vulnerabilities, and then talks with three prominent, independent researchers about their thoughts on choosing a responsible disclosure process.

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