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2006.11.16 Daily Security Reading

by on Nov.16, 2006, under Security

IronPort stops 98% of image spam

IronPort has announced significant progress in the war against image spam.

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for November, 2006

Virtualization and security

It’s a pity that discussions on the subject of security vulnerabilities associated with virtual servers tend to focus on Windows: If a virtual machine is running as a guest on a Windows host, an exploit on the guest VM can climb up to the Windows host, and then all hell can break loose. There’s more to securing virtual servers than not running VMs as guests of a Windows host.

SANS – Human error top security worry

Targeted attacks focus on humans, and they often work… even after hours of computer security instruction, 90% of freshmen cadets still clicked on the link.

Kevin Mitnick’s Security Advice

Protecting yourself is very challenging in the hostile environment of the internet. Imagine a global environment where an unscrupulous person from the other side of the planet can probe your computer for weaknesses, and exploit them to gain access to your most sensitive secrets. Here’s my Top 10 list of steps you should take to protect your information and your computing resources from the bad boys and girls of cyberspace.

Symantec delivers Mac OS X security report [pdf]

Security vendor Symantec has issued a detailed report on current Apple Mac OS X threats, covering a wide range of security issues that affect the platform today.

SpamThru Statistics

Working with the anti-spam group SpamHaus and the ISP, we were able to receive access to files from the SpamThru control server. We have analyzed the files, and in this report we will look at some of the statistics and interesting finds.

The A to Z of security

Got the Love Bug? Scared of spyware? Read all about what’s keeping techies awake at night…

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