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2007.07.06 Daily Security Reading

by on Jul.06, 2007, under Security

The Evolution of Self-Defense Technologies in Malware

This article explores how malware has developed self-defense techniques and how these techniques have evolved as it has become more difficult for viruses to survive. It also provides an overview of the current situation.

Inside OS X Security

Once you get past all the yelling and emotion, Mac OS X is a pretty secure operating system, at least as secure as any other operating system in its class. Mac users are exactly as vulnerable to phishing and social engineering attacks as any other platform.

MPAA Sets Up Fake Site to Catch Pirates

MediaDefender Inc has launched a website called “MiiVi” dedicated to busting those who both like to download copyrighted content as well as those who already have. The site is apparently the latest ploy in the ongoing battle against illegal file-sharing and literally takes the game to new heights. It offers WHOLE DOWNLOADS of movies as well as the ability to download and install a “miraculous” new program that offers “fast and easy downloading all in one great site”. There’s just one problem: the site’s registered to MediaDefender Inc. and after it’s installed, it searches your computer for other copyrighted files and reports back.

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