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2007.09.19 Daily Security Reading

by on Sep.19, 2007, under Security

Uninformed Journal Volume 8

Real-time Steganography with RTP, A Brief Analysis of PatchGuard Version 3, Escaping Internet Explorer Protected Mode, OS X Kernel-mode Exploitation in a Weekend, A Catalog of Windows Local Kernel-mode Backdoors and Generalizing Data Flow Information.

Data Stored in RAM Could Be Subject to E-Discovery, Court Says

Why is the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California’s recent ruling that defendants in a copyright infringement case “collect and produce” information stored in their servers’ random access memory significant?

Google Desktop as a Source of Digital Evidence (pdf)

Discusses the emerging trend of Personal Desktop Searching utilities on desktop computers, and how the information cached and stored with these systems can be retrieved and analysed, even after the original document has been removed.

The Threat of Reputation-Based Attacks

An attempt to smear the good name of a legitimate organization by tainting them with the stain of illegal activity – known as a “reputation attack” – by making it look to the victims of the stolen PayPal accounts as if the legitimate organisation is the one stealing their money.

Report – Insiders cause more computer security problems than viruses (pdf)

The Computer Security Institute has just released the 2007 edition (PDF) of its long-running “Computer Crime and Security Survey,” and it offers some dreary news for overworked computer security admins: average losses from attacks have surged this year. More surprising is the finding that the single biggest security threat faced by corporate networks doesn’t come from virus writers any more; instead, it comes from company insiders.

Malware moves from scattershot to honeypot

End users were far less likely to receive malware programs in their in-boxes and far more likely to get attacked as they visited legitimate Web sites over the first six months of 2007.

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