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Beams of Light…

by on Mar.08, 2017, under Life, Photography

Sometimes you just get lucky and get this fantastic beams of light. We were expecting a very overcast and rainy morning this day. The forecast was for rain and lots of cloud. We’d actually planned on shooting waterfalls this morning (once it was daylight) and this session at Coalcliff beach was just meant to be a temporary filler before the main event.

Beam Me Up

Beam Me Up

NIKON D750 + 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 19 mm, 1/2 sec at f/14, ISO 50

Three takes on the same composition. Each only slightly different but it shows the difference timing makes to a scene like this. This first shows the impact of taking the shot just after the main surge of water cascades across the top of the rocks and fills the view with flowing water.

Gods Light

Gods Light

NIKON D750 + 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 19 mm, 1.3 sec at f/14, ISO 50

Next we’ve timed for just after the initial rush and we’re just able to see through the water to the rocks and seaweed below just at my feet.



NIKON D750 + 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 19 mm, 1.6 sec at f/14, ISO 50

Finally the surge has almost completed and we’re seeing the last of the water drain away. The rocks are exposed again and the rocks and seaweed below are clearly visible.

Tri Beams

Tri Beams

NIKON D750 + 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 19 mm, 0.5/1.3/1.6 sec at f/14, ISO 50

Note: These photographs (especially the wider shots) look much better when larger. To see larger versions in an inline overlay slideshow gallery viewer click any of the images.

Each has their own merits and for me all would look great on the wall. Personally my favourite is the first very closely followed by the second. Which is yours?

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