Wells it’s Chicago

This fabulous view of Chicago’s buildings on either side of the canal at night is from the bridge at North Wells St

Wells it’s Chicago

Wells it's Chicago

NIKON Z 7 + NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S @ 14 mm, 10 sec at f/8, ISO 64 x 5 Frames

Note: These photographs (especially the wider shots) look much better when larger. To see larger versions in an inline overlay slideshow gallery viewer click any of the images.

This stitched panorama consists of five (5) vertical frames taken from roughly the centre of the bridge looking east

Taking the shots takes some patience. The bridge moves quite a bit when vehicles drive over and the oscillations continue for some time after they’ve gone. So it’s a matter of starting a frame when Wells St in both directions looks clear and the motion has settled down. Then hoping the exposure finishes before another car comes along. Invariably one does and you have to take the shot again, and again…

Eventually tho you get some sharp frames when luck is on your side 🙂

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