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The IT Security PodCasts Roundup

by on Sep.15, 2006, under Security

The world of IT Security is changing so rapidly – it’s often just too hard to keep up. In an attempt to soak in just that little bit more general information I’ve recently started listening to various IT/Computer/Network Security podcasts. I listen to these in any ‘spare time’ I might have in my day (like travelling to and from work). Some of the PodCasts are quite professionally produced and perhaps have as much to do with entertainment as they do about content and security but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it helps make you listen to the PodCast and come back for more.

The following is my pick of the best ones that I’ve found so far and if you have any suggestions for others I should be listening to then please give me some feedback. With most of these PodCasts you can use iTunes to subscribe, however as I am not using an iPod I just download the MP3 file and load them onto my PocketPC phone.

Steve Gibson and TechTV’s Leo Laporte take 30 to 60 minutes near the end of each week to discuss important issues of personal computer security. This stuff is fairly light on and is pitched at the general user with security in mind and as such is a good introduction to the space. Steve tends to talk way too much 🙂 but Leo tends to try and keep him on track. Currently up to Episode 56.

Martin spends half-an-hour (or so) each week talking about the computer security issues that are relevant today. Currently up to Episode 42.

Larry Pesce, Paul Asadoorian, Nick "Twitchy" Depetrillo, Joe Conlin bring you a podcast in a much more laid back youthful style. If you enjoy kicking back with a bunch of young techo guys having fun and chatting about all manner of stuff then this podcast is for you. Currently up to Episode 43.

Crypto-Gram is a monthly e-mail newsletter from security expert Bruce Schneier. For more than seven years Crypto-Gram has become one of the most widely read forums for free-wheeling discussions, pointed critiques, and serious debate about security. If you prefer to listen to Schneier’s newsletter rather than reading it then this is for you.

SploitCast is a podcast for hackers, geeks, and the security paranoid. Run by a group of students and IT professionals SploitCast discusses a wide variety of topics; including new vulnerabilities, exploit code, security and technology news roughly every two weeks. If you want dry technical discussions this is the podcast for you. Currently up to Episode 14.

Michael Santarcangelo is a lead instructor for the CISSP exam and will take you on a 20-50 minute tour of the business and policy side of security rather than a techies view of the world. Currently up to Episode 35.

Two former federal agents speak each week about computer forensics, network security and computer crime. This is down-to-earth with a focus on forensics and investigation. They have over 40 podcasts in the can already. If you are really interested in this field then the Liveammo: Digital Forensics & Hacking Investigations series may also be up your alley.

TechTargets Security Wire Weekly podcast provides a short summary of the week’s top news in the world of information security, plus features interviews with newsmakers, experts and people like you.

If VoIP security is your interest, this podcast is right up your alley. Blue Box is a 60-minute podcast  from Dan York and Jonathan Zar with news and commentary about security issues for Voice Over IP and IP Telephony. Currently up to Episode 37.

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  • Tim Gillin

    AT&T also have a 24×7 webcast on security issues as part of their ‘Internet Protect’ product. My understanding is that one must be a client of the service to view the webcast. See here. My understanding is that it a CNN style format.

    The Security Now and Crypto-Gram podcasts are pretty good. My understanding is that the Crypto-Gram one is unauthorised and Bruce Schneier has been trying to get it stopped.

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