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2007.01.29 Daily Security Reading

by on Jan.29, 2007, under Security

New zero-day Microsoft Word vulnerability

Hackers are exploiting a new, zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Word that could allow remote code execution on the victim’s machine, says security vendor Symantec.

Vista, security and viruses

Anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky Lab, has published an article about Windows Vista and security, in which it provides an analysis of various aspects of IT security with specific reference to Windows Vista.

Malware vs. virtual machines (pdf)

As virtual machines and various emulators have become commonplace in analysis of malicious code, malicious code has started to fight back. This hot topic was recently covered at AVAR 2006 conference by Peter Ferrie, a researcher at Symantec anti-virus research center.

Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Wireless LAN Security (pdf)

Enterprise wireless LAN security is a persistent concern for every system administrator and CIO. This TechRepublic ultimate guide will give you the information you need to secure all of the wireless connections in your enterprise.

AACS hack blamed on bad player implementation

A month after the first signs appeared online that AACS—the content protection scheme shared by HD DVD and Blu-ray—had been circumvented, the AACS Licensing Authority has verified the hack. According to a statement from the AACS LA, AACS has not been seriously compromised. Instead, the statement said, the attack is "limited to the compromise of specific implementations" and "indicate[s] an attack on one or more players sold by AACS licensees."

Online Safety Of Your Children Starts With You As A Parent

Parental control software is far from perfect and your kids are smarter than you may think, they will always find a way around them. Companies developing this software make millions out of parents neglecting their responsibility as a parent. What is the use of restricting the access on their computer, if they can find other ways of accessing the sites they want?

Time to Reboot the Internet Again

Cisco Systems Inc… today issued patches to fix at least three very serious security holes in its products.

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