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2007.02.23 Daily Security Reading

by on Feb.23, 2007, under Security

Wireless Forensics: Part One; Wireless Forensics: Part Two

The huge adoption of wireless technologies over recent years has placed wireless data (or Wi-Fi) networks, based on the 802.11 specifications, as one of the major attack vectors for organizations nowadays. This two-part series looks at the issues associated with collecting and analyzing network traffic from wireless networks in an accurate and comprehensive way; a discipline known as wireless forensics.

AACS: A tale of three keys

This week brings further developments in the gradual meltdown of AACS (the encryption scheme used for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs). Last Sunday, a member of the Doom9 forum, writing under the pseudonym Arnezami, managed to extract a “processing key” from an HD-DVD player application. Arnezami says that this processing key can be used to decrypt all existing HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Though currently this attack is more powerful than previous breaks, which focused on a different kind of key, its usefulness will probably diminish as AACS implementers adapt.

Hackers have found a really simple solution to delivering malware

Many RSS and Atom-based feed readers and aggregators simply pull in the content from the source without first checking to see whether it might contain malicious code.

Breaking into a VPN

Sloppy configurations make for unsecured VPNs.

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