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My Nikon D600 Settings…

by on Oct.19, 2012, under Life, Photography

I’ve recently upgraded from my crop sensor Nikon D7000 to a full frame Nikon D600 D-SLR.

Since I’m a compulsive researcher and ADD list maker I’ve done some research on all those little settings which are available in camera and I figured I might just share the result of my detailed study and how I’ve setup my D600 for daily use (basically all my default settings).

Firstly I should say that I primarily shoot in Aperture priority mode or Manual – basically because I like to be able to control my depth of field (or rather the lack of it) – possibly because I’m mostly taking shots of people, portraits or things.

So on to the D600 camera settings I use… The following lists mostly show the settings I’ve changed which are different from the Defaults…

Playback Menu:
Display mode: Highlights & RGB histogram & Overview
Image review: On
Rotate tall: Off

Shooting Menu:
Image Quality: RAW
Auto distortion control: Off (default)
Color space: sRGB (default) (Adobe RGB)
Active D-Lighting: Off (default)
Long exp. NR: Off (default)
High ISO NR: Norm (default) (Off)
ISO: ISO 100, Auto ISO: [Max: Hi 1 (12800), Min Shutter: Auto]
Remote control mode: Quick-response remote

Custom Settings Menu:
a5 Focus point wrap around: On
a7 Built-in AF-assist illuminator: Off
c1 Shutter Release Exposure Locking: Off (default)
c2 Standby timer: 10s
c3 Self Timer Delay Setting: 2s
c4 Monitor Off Delay: 20s, 1m, 20s, 10s, 10m
c5 Remote on duration: 5m
d1 Beep: Off (default)
d2 Viewfinder grid display: On
d3 ISO Display: ISO
d5 CL Mode Shooting Speed: 3 fps (default)
d7 File Number Sequence: On (default)
e1 Flash sync speed: 1/200s (Auto FP) (if own external flash) < -- I only do this since I own an SB-900 flash which supports Auto FP high speed sync
e3 Flash cntrl for built-in flash: Commander mode: TTL (if own external flash), Channel: 2 < -- I only do this since I own an SB-900 flash which supports wireless mode
f2 Assign FUNC Button: Top Item in My Menu
f4 Assign AE-L/AF-L: AF lock only (AE Lock (Hold)?)
f7 Slot empty release lock: Lock
f8 Reverse indicators: -O+

Setup Menu:
Copyright Information: …

Setup MyMenu:
Setup -> Virtual horizon
Shooting -> ISO sensitivity settings
Shooting -> Interval timer shooting
Shooting -> Multiple exposure
Image area
Custom -> e3 Flash cntrl for built-in flash

On top of this I also use the two User settings mode dial slots (U1 and U2) to store extra customised shooting settings for quick access (e.g. one tailored for tripod style shooting (night time, land and sea scapes, etc) and one for portrait/street photography). These U1 & U2 slots start with the above general settings and have the following additional starting point customisations.

U1 – Landscape: Aperture Priority & f/11, ISO 100, Auto ISO Off, Single-Servo AF (AF-S), Single-Point AF (centre point selected)

U2 – Portrait/Street: Aperture Priority & f/4, Continuous-Servo AF (AF-C), 9-point Dynamic Area AF (for Street I might then switch to Auto-Area AF)

Sport/Wildlife: Aperture Priority & f/2.8, Continuous-Servo AF (AF-C), 39(21)-point Dynamic Area AF (or 3D-Tracking AF), Auto ISO On [Min Shutter: Auto*2], Custom Setting a1: AF-C priority selection: Release priority, RAW 12 bit compressed (increases buffer depth), (Custom Setting f4: Assign AE-L/AF-L: AF-ON ?)

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