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Nikon D600+16-35/4 VS Rock… Fight!!!

by on Jul.12, 2013, under Life, Photography

Sadly Rock wins 🙁 – D600 definitely looses…

Nikon D600+16-35/4 VS Rock… Fight!!!

Nikon D600+16-35/4  VS  Rock... Fight!!!

iPhone 5 + @ 4.13 mm, 1/20 sec at f/2.4, ISO 250

I’m holidaying with my family in Bali Indonesia as I write this. We are about half way through our stay and of course with a country as beautiful as this I definitely wanted to photograph our trip so I brought my gear – my Nikon D600, a selection of lenses, tripod, filters and other gear.

I’d arranged with my family and booked two dedicated days in the middle of our trip with a private photography guide (Yande Ardana) to pick me up at ungodly hours and take me out shooting photographically inspired locations of my choice at the best times (e.g. sunrises at Maynar beach & Ulan Danu Temple, sunsets at Tanah Lot, Batubolong & Uluwatu Temple and various other locations inbetween like the famous rice terraces of Tegallalang and Jatiluwih).

My day had come and I was picked up just before 4:30AM for my first morning out to shoot sunrise at Maynar – it was raining like crazy on the drive out – it certainly wasn’t looking good – perhaps foreboding what was to come. However magically the rain had completely stopped by the time we’d arrived and we could see some stars towards the east and it appeared the clouds and storm was moving over and behind us.

The shoot went well and I’m hopeful for some nice images from the morning however after the sun had risen and I was moving about for some last shots I slipped and fell backwards. I expect it was either me or the camera which was about to get hurt and I guess instinct took over and my arms flew back to break my fall. Unfortunately the D600 with the attached 16-35 lens with my usual Lee kit + Heliopan CPL attached at the front along with my wireless remote trigger in the hotshoe all on my tripod which was thankfully packed up short crashed onto the rocks.

The lens tore right off the body of the camera taking the whole lens mount and some of the camera internals with it, the wireless trigger snapped out of the hotshoe and amazingly there is just a corner chip in the Lee ND grad. I’m not sure how none of the glass looks smashed – in fact the lens and 105mm CPL “look” ok (I can’t test it here) – of course the lens still has the camera body mount still firmly attached to it and I can’t seem to remove it. The inside of the D600 is decidedly unhappy with bits and electronics dangling – some part of the mirror mechanism is dangling but the prism and mirror itself “look” wholeish.

So unfortunately the photographic portion of my time in Bali has come to an ignominious end – I am however quite hopeful that I have a number of great images from the first half of our trip here and will process and post over the coming days and weeks…

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