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HowTo: Monochrome Processing in Lightroom for Edge and Shadow…

by on Feb.20, 2012, under Life, Photography

I was asked how I did the bold Black and White processing of the image in Edge and Shadow so I thought as an exercise I’d write it up…

Obviously this happens to work with this image and this exposure so mileage will definitely vary but it may form a reasonable starting point (Preset) to play and work from for other images.

OK I’ll tackle this by going through the panels in order and highlighting the major settings changed – note these relate to Lightroom 3.X

Basic Panel

First the Saturation was reduced to -100 to desaturate the whole image.
Added a little exposure (+0.25) and quite a bit of Fill Light (+35) and brought up the Blacks (from the default 5 to 25).
The Brightness was reduced (from the default 50 down to 25) and the Contrast bumped (from the default of 25 to 60).
Lastly the Clarity was increased (to +60) to add lots of midtone contrast.

Tone Curve

A steep S curve was implemented to really increase contrast (Highlights (+60), Lights (+15), Darks (-50) and Shadows (-20)


Some Vignetting was added to further darken the corners


Finally some Sharpening was applied (Amount 50, Radius 1.2, Detail 25 and Masking 50)

I also applied some selective Spot Removal to remove some blemishes on some of the leaves and some Selective Burning to hide some things I didn’t want there 🙂

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  • Steve Allworth

    Rodney, was your photograph “Stained with History” processed only in Lightroom as you discuss above, or did you use a plugin/preset?

  • Rodney.Campbell

    Hi Steve – from memory Stained with History (QVB?) was first processed as a HDR (from three bracketed images) and then the resultant colour HDR image was converted to monochrome using Lightroom only – from memory I started with a B&W preset and then adjusted from there.

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